About Oxytane®

Oxytane® is fully certified and independently proven to substantially reduce emissions and increase fuel efficiency.

Oxytane is distributed globally by Innovative Chemicals Limited. We have a wide distribution network with representatives in all four corners of the globe – spanning the Automotive, Maritime, Mining, Haulage, Railways and Farming sectors. Oxytane has been industrially certified by the largest fuelling authorities and is undergoing continuous independent verification and testing with leading companies.

How it works?

The results of Oxytane® fuel treatment is achieved by improving the fuel’s natural solvency properties, it’s lubricity, and reducing the fuel’s surface tension at a chemical level, whilst it is inside any engine.

Imbalances in the fuel, along with other factors caused by a pressurised fuel system, absorbs and contaminates the fuel with air vapour and moisture, leading to a substantial loss in a fuel’s density and further increased surface tension.

All fuels are different, and no fuel sold today is perfect FOR all diesel engines. Most fuels produced do meet the required ASTM D-975 / EN 590 Specification minimums for sale, but that does not mean these fuels will necessarily provide the best possible operational results when used.

There is a definite need to incorporate certain “specific” chemistries into finished diesel fuels in order to resolve any deficiencies and permit the fuels to operate optimally in engines.

Fully certified fuel additives with the correct chemistries will provide cost savings for fuel consumers when applied correctly, in all applications and in all types of hydrocarbon-based fuels.