Become an ambassador

Become an Oxytane Ambassador Fancy joining the as an Oxytane ambassador platform? Through our program we give our fans the chance to become online ambassadors. Simply complete missions in exchange for Oxytane gift vouchers to use or giveaway. What’s more there will be opportunities to gain a FREE lifetime supply of Oxytane for are largest […]

Cutting emissions – a global concern

Cutting emissions – a global concern In today’s world of hydrocarbon fuels, which unfortunately is a constant consumable in our everyday lives and drives the engines of our world which keeps our planets population on the move, our industries polluting in the name of profits and progress all in the absence of newer cleaner less […]

Substantial savings on your fuel bill

Works on any Diesel and Petrol engine types Substantial savings on your fuel bill Whatever car you drive and whatever your weekly milage – Oxytane will help with reducing your fuel bills by 25% and beyond. You may think that these claims are hard to believe – however the results of hundreds of tests on […]