Cutting emissions - a global concern

In today’s world of hydrocarbon fuels, which unfortunately is a constant consumable in our everyday lives and drives the engines of our world which keeps our planets population on the move, our industries polluting in the name of profits and progress all in the absence of newer cleaner less polluting technology and fuels which are available but financially out of reach to the general population.

Emissions controls and reduction on a global scale is a dilemma shared by all the world powers and peoples of their country, it’s an issue that effect everyone on our planet and a major dilemma that has to be solved for the future health and sustainability of our world and all its inhabitants. It seems that the problems and issues at the heart of the matter dominate the gatherings attended by the member states of the Kyoto Protocol and the Paris Agreement with little or no tangible solutions.

The member states of these accords set themselves a 20 year time line to reduce global fuel emissions by 20%, the said time line expires in 2024 with no real actionable solution in site. We, the people and citizens of our world are all experiencing the same problems, ever increasing fuel prices, efficiency, economy and emissions, these problems affect everyone and are a topic that is ever present in our daily lives. It’s true that vehicle and engine manufacturers are striving to produce ever more efficient engines give increased economy and reduced emissions, however, if these more efficient engines are using the same contaminated fuels used to day, the emissions problem will still be present on a slightly reduced level but not eliminated.

In the absence of a cleaner more efficient fuel that solves the global emissions problem, We at Innovative Chemicals Limited have brought to the world market a revolutionary product that is cost effective, both easy and practical in its application, scientifically proven to dramatically reduce fuel emissions to well below guide lines set by various governments, affords its user exceptional fuel economy that makes a sizeable financial benefit to both domestic households and industry alike.