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On this page you can find a list of the most common questions we are often asked about Oxytane.

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Using Oxytane

Yes, Oxytane can be used with any engine that uses hydrocarbon fuel types (i.e Diesel, Petrol, Bio-fuels) via a combustion system regardless of the engines size or type. This includes Hybrid cars (part combustion engine, part electric engine) as it would benefit the combustion cycle.

Yes, we have an introductory discount code that can be used on your first order which will bag you a 10% discount. Simply use code OXY10 at the checkout and your discount will be applied. We also release periodic and seasonal discounts. These will be made available through various marketing channels and our official social media.

Yes, Oxytane can be used with any engine that uses hydrocarbon fuel types (i.e Diesel, Petrol, Bio-fuels) via a combustion system.

Oxytane should be stored safely out of reach from children and away from direct sunlight. It is a combustible substance, so we recommend keeping in away from any sources of possible ignition.

Using Oxytane is simple. Click on the following link for a step-by-step guide.

How to use Oxytane

We dispatch all orders placed before 3pm on the same business day. Orders placed on Weekends and bank holidays are shipped the following business day.

If you are based in the UK please expect to recieve your order in 1-2 business days from dispatch. The timeframe for recieving international orders varies. In the EU it can take between 3-10 business days to arrive and for the rest of the world 5-14 business days. International order do have shipment tracking available.

The mix ratio is 5000:1 (Fuel to Oxytane). This means that 10ml of Oxytane will treat 50L of fuel (Approx 1 full tank of fuel on a small or medium sized car). 20ml will treat 100L of fuel, which is perfect for 1 full tank on a larger car, pick-up truck of van.

Click on the following link for a step-by-step guide on how to use Oxytane. We also have a handy monthly calculator on our shop page that’s the best place to start when trying to understand how much Oxytane you will need.

How much Oxytane do I need

There are 2 ways in which to you can measure fuel saving:

1. If you drive a more modern vehicle the onboard computer will report its expected milage based on your current driving style in realtime on your dashboard. In some instances, we have measured these rates to be fairly accurate but in others the additional milage from the use of Oxytane is not being calculated and displayed. This is due to the on-board computer not being able to detect any changes which go above and beyond the manufactures original calibrations which are based upon using standard untreated fuels.

2. With the above taken into consideration we always recommend that users calculate the fuel savings themselves by using the mileometer built into the vehicle. The mileometer will present the number of miles travelled – so we recommend you set this to zero when you have filled up your tank and added Oxytane. Then compare the result to a full tank before using Oxytane to see the difference. Since Oxytane does leave some residule positive effects after even just one use we recommend that you run a full tank without Oxytane first – record the total milage and then run it with Oxytane after.

Yes, this is normal and one of the additional benefits of using Oxytane in any engine. Since any fuel contaminants are expelled when using Oxytane (mico air particles and water vapour) there will be less cavitation as the fuel delivered to the combustion chamber is denser. Also since Oxytane add lubricity to the fuel it also reduces the amount of turbulence when it is being combusted and thus reduces engine vibrations and noise. Further to this, it also reduces potential maintenance since a happier engine with less turbulence reduces the wear and tear over time.

Yes! Oxytane® carries an EN 590 certification for use in engines… This is exactly the same certification as Diesel fuel sold at the pump! Further to this, Oxytane has been in use on various vehicle types and engines for over a decade! Not a single complaint or issue has been raised around the safety of the product. View the certifications here:

Data Sheets

There are over 6,000 fuel additives on the market. Everything from lubricity enhancers to Octane boosters. 99% of which are totally uncertified. Oxytane is a product that works. Testament to this is the fact that it is fully certified by internationally accredited fuelling agencies including Bureau Veritas and Intertek. Oxytane® carries an EN 590 certification for use in engines… This is exactly the same certification as Diesel fuel sold at the pump!

We currently sell the following bottles sizes for retail: 10ml, 20ml, 50ml, 250ml & 1L. We also supply Oxytane in 60L drums and tankers for heavy industrial use or for marine ships and diesel locomotives.

If you wish to buy Oxytane for Industrial use please contact us over at Oxytane International.

Oxytane International

Your vehicle will still have some residual benefits from using Oxytane for a short time after. However, these benefits will quickly decline as the engine begins to carbon up again when using an inferior fuel without the Oxytane treatment.

Potential Problems & Issues

No, on a chemical level Oxytane works in almost the same way as fuel does. If the engine is particularly dirty and has large amounts of carbon deposits and built up inside it – you might experience an increase in exhaust smoke for a short period of time before its fully cleared out of the engine. If this happens do not worry! We recommend taking the vehicle out on a long drive with the engine laboured in order to speed up this process.

Under UK consumer protection laws – you are protected by “Online and distance selling regulations”. Under these regulations you have following rights:

  • The right to cancel within 14 days of purchase.
  • Refund after cancellation within 14 days of purchase.
  • Replacements for unused and unaltered faulty items within 6 months of purchase.
  • Full refund for items returned unused within 30 days of purchase.


To return an item, you must raise a return request via the “Your Account” area here on the official store. Once this has been received one of our customer services reps will be in touch to arrange the return and provide further information and instructions. Please expect a response within 48 hours (except for weekends & bank holidays whereby we will respond on the next business day).

Use the Order Enquiry form to begin your return

No, although it is advisable to stick to our guidelines in order to not needlessly waste money on excess Oxytane. The mixing ratio is 5000:1 (Fuel to Oxytane). This means that 10ml of Oxytane will treat 50L of fuel (Approx 1 full tank of fuel on a small or medium sized car). 20ml will treat 100L of fuel, which is perfect for 1 full tank on a larger car, pick-up truck of van.

This is very rare but it has been reported in the past. There are countless reasons why the check engine light might pop on that could be unrelated to the use of Oxytane.

This engine light is an important part of your vehicle’s on-board diagnostic system. Your car’s computer will illuminate the warning whenever it detects a problem that could increase tailpipe emissions. There’s no way to say exactly why your check engine light is illuminated without performing diagnostic work. However, we have extensively looked into this issue with regards to any possible connections with the use of Oxytane and 2 things are possible.

If the engine was particularly dirty before using Oxytane, Oxytane will clean this excess carbon build up via the combustion process and your exhaust system. This could create a short term spike in the amount of fumes being expelled through the cars exhaust during this initial cleaning phase. The increase in fumes could be detected by various onboard sensors and could trigger the engine warning light to come on. After some time however, the engine will be restored back to it’s new and clean state and the fumes will be eradicated. If this is the case the best thing to do is to continue driving with Oxytane for an additional 1-2 full tanks to fully clean out the engine. After this it is possible for a mechanic to clear the warning light and it should remain off. If the light comes back on again after continuous use with Oxytane its is highly likely that there is another unrelated issue with your vehicle.

Another possibility on more modern cars is a conflict in the engines ECU. When using Oxytane more milage is gained through a cleaner denser fuel burn. These levels can sometimes go above and beyond the manufacturers expectations and since the onboard computers are not used to detecting higher milage rates it can cause the onboard computer to trigger the check engine light with an unknown error code.

The fastest way to deal with an order issue is to contact our customer services department via the order enquiry form via the “My Account” area:

Order Enquiry

If your enquiry requires immediate attention i.e., the order has just been placed but has not yet been shipped – you can call us on +44(0) 203 012 0034.

If there is an issue with your account, problems with login or password reset issues please call us on +44(0) 203 012 0034 or contact us using our general enquires form via our contact us page:

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Yes, the website has full end-to-end encryption via an SSL encryption certificate. We also use a secure third-party payment gateway for processing online card payments. Your card information will never be stored by us! It is handled by a highly secure financial services provider. Further to this our payment partners offer full buyer protections and money back guarantees with a continuous effort towards security and fraud prevention.

Please seek emergency medical advice immediately. Oxytane is highly toxic and there is risk of serious damage to organs if not treated immediately.

It is important to establish how much Oxytane has been consumed. The emergency services will need to know this information and the chemicals / hazards so keep the bottle with you if you visit a hospital or emergency center.

Call the emergency services immediately – 999 in the UK. If you can’t call the emergency services, get someone else to do it.

Do not make the person sick. By making them sick, you can cause further damage to their throat or block their airway.

Wash thoroughly with warm soapy water if Oxytane is accidently spilled on Skin.

If Oxytane gets in yours or someones eyes, flush eye/s immediately with clean, lukewarm tap water thoroughly using one of these methods.

  • Get into the shower and aim a gentle stream of water on your forehead over your affected eye. Or direct the stream on the bridge of your nose if both eyes are affected. Hold the lids of your affected eye or eyes open.
  • Put your head down and turn it to the side. Then hold the lids of your affected eye open under a gently running tap. If you have access to a work site eye-rinse station, use it.
  • Young children may do best if they lie down in the bathtub or lean back over a sink. Pour a gentle stream of water on the forehead over the affected eye or on the bridge of the nose to flush both eyes.


We have many testimonials and industry test reports available over at oxytaneinternational.com.

Visit Oxytane International

If you have used Oxytane and wish to leave us a review please feel free to drop a review on our product listings here at oxytane.store.


Yes, you can cancel your subscription at any time or amend your subscription level from your account area. If your order has already been shipped your cancelation will trigger for the following month / cycle.

Yes, we are GDPR complaint. We do not send unsolicited emails and do not withhold personal data without our customers permission. Further to this, customers can completely delete their account, order histories and personal data at the click of a button should they desire to do so.

We do not share any customer data with third parties. Unless the third party is part of the Oxytane International umbrella of companies, services, and representatives. We may also share information with third parties that facilitate a better service to our customers. Such as our Google analytics, social media channels and or other marketing endeavours. However, the data shared is limited to usage and behavioural statistical data rather than customer’s personal information.

Yes, we currently have a bottle returns programme in an effort to create less plastic waste and reduce the carbon footprint of producing Oxytane. Our bottle returns programme is simple, hassle free and free of charge. Please click here to get more information:

Bottle Returns Programme

Yes, if you are an industrial user, trader, logistics company, farming company etc. Please contact us through our international website or at our head office here:

Oxytane International

Yes, for a full list of our shipping costs click on the following link.

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We run and maintain our own affiliate marketing platform as well as a third party one by AWIN. If you would like to sign-up as an affiliate marketer or require further information, please check out our affiliate marketing page.

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Yes, if you would like to support and spread the word on our emissions busting fuel saving solution – Oxytane, whilst earn some money for your marketing work. Please sign-up to our affiliate marketing platform and join our ambassador programme:

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Yes, all of our packaging is from sustainable sources and where possible we use recyclable plastics and packing materials.

We accept all major credit cards through our secure payment gateway. Along with this we also offer Paypal checkout. Unfortunately, currently we do not support payment in crypto currencies, cheque or direct bank transfer. If you wish to order over the phone using a bank card, please call our customer services line on +44(0)203 012 0034 and we will be happy to help.