Subscription Guide

Want to have the money saving emissions reducing fuel treatment delivered to your door every month – hassle free?

Simply follow these easy steps to setup and manage your Oxytane Subscription. 

  • Purchase 1 off or set-up a monthly subscription to save

    When you purchase Oxytane you have 2 options when placing an order. You can either place a single order for Oxytane or save an additional 10% off when you set-up a monthly subscription.

  • Monthly Oxytane Calculator

    If you would like to set-up a monthly subscription - on our shop page we have an easy to use monthly Oxytane calculator.

    This calculator will provide you with a breakdown for the amount of Oxytane you will require to gain the maximum benefits each month. The results from the calculator can then be added directly to your cart - ready to checkout.

  • Or... Add exactly what you need to the basket yourself

    If you know exactly how much Oxytane you require you can go directly to the bottle sizes individual product page and add it to the cart from there.

    Please note that you can select whether you would like your selection to be a one-off purchase or subscription from this page before adding to the basket.

  • Basket Details

    At the basket you can also manage if your order is a onetime purchase or subscription. Simply Click the round checkbox in fig 1 to switch between either one-time purchase or a monthly subscription.

    Fig 2 will display your purchase choice, total amount that will be billed and then next billing date for your subscription.

    Once your subscription has been setup and the initial order paid for - each consecutive month your order will be reprocessed automatically, and your payment method will be charged. On successful payment on subsequent months the order will be generated within our systems and our depot will ship your Oxytane straight to your door so that you can continue saving on your monthly fuel bills with minimal effort.

  • Edit or cancel your subscription anytime

    You can edit or cancel your monthly subscription at any time!

    Please note that you will need to cancel / edit your subscription before the payment renewal date on your next billing cycle and before your renewal order has been processed and dispatched by our warehouse. If you edit or cancel your order after your monthly renewal date the change or cancelation would affect the following months renewal.

    Editing or canceling your subscription can be carried out from the "My Account" area via the "Subscriptions" tab.