Works on any Diesel and Petrol engine types

Substantial savings on your fuel bill

Whatever car you drive and whatever your weekly milage – Oxytane will help with reducing your fuel bills by 25% and beyond.

You may think that these claims are hard to believe – however the results of hundreds of tests on everything from premier luxury cars to smaller family cars to large 18-wheeler haulage lorries have been tested with significantly positive results.

Still don’t believe us? Here are a number of certified testimonials and MOT test results from our customers on a range of different cars:

Benefits of Oxytane®

Save on Fuel

Oxytane® saves you money on your fuel bill by 25% or more.

Fully Certified

It's fully certified EN 590 - as safe as putting regular fuel in your car.

Reduce Emissions

Proven to reduce emissions in any engine type by 25% and beyond.

Smoother Ride

Get a smoother ride with more power at the pedals and less noise and vibration.

Engine Protection

Protecting your engine by reducing carbon build-up in the combustion chamber.


Easy to use. Just squirt straight into your fuel tank after every refill.