I used Oxytane and my check engine light came on?

This is very rare but it has been reported in the past. There are countless reasons why the check engine light might pop on that could be unrelated to the use of Oxytane. This engine light is an important part of your vehicle’s on-board diagnostic system. Your car’s computer will illuminate the warning whenever it […]

Where can I find out about other customers experiences?

We have many testimonials and industry test reports available over at oxytaneinternational.com. <a href=”https://oxytaneinternational.com/articles/” class=”button”>Visit Oxytane International</a> If you have used Oxytane and wish to leave us a review please feel free to drop a review on our product listings here at oxytane.store.

I’m experiencing issues with an order or my account?

The fastest way to deal with an order issue is to contact our customer services department via the order enquiry form via the “My Account” area: <a class=”button” href=”https://oxytane.store/my-account/”>Order Enquiry</a> If your enquiry requires immediate attention i.e., the order has just been placed but has not yet been shipped – you can call us on […]

What do I do if someone has spilled Oxytane on their skin or eyes?

Wash thoroughly with warm soapy water if Oxytane is accidently spilled on Skin. If Oxytane gets in yours or someones eyes, flush eye/s immediately with clean, lukewarm tap water thoroughly using one of these methods. Get into the shower and aim a gentle stream of water on your forehead over your affected eye. Or direct […]

What do I do if someone has accidently drunk Oxytane?

Please seek emergency medical advice immediately. Oxytane is highly toxic and there is risk of serious damage to organs if not treated immediately. It is important to establish how much Oxytane has been consumed. The emergency services will need to know this information and the chemicals / hazards so keep the bottle with you if […]

Can I / how do I return an order?

Under UK consumer protection laws – you are protected by “Online and distance selling regulations”. Under these regulations you have following rights: The right to cancel within 14 days of purchase. Refund after cancellation within 14 days of purchase. Replacements for unused and unaltered faulty items within 6 months of purchase. Full refund for items […]

Is this website secure?

Yes, the website has full end-to-end encryption via an SSL encryption certificate. We also use a secure third-party payment gateway for processing online card payments. Your card information will never be stored by us! It is handled by a highly secure financial services provider. Further to this our payment partners offer full buyer protections and […]

Are there any negative side effects?

No, on a chemical level Oxytane works in almost the same way as fuel does. If the engine is particularly dirty and has large amounts of carbon deposits and built up inside it – you might experience an increase in exhaust smoke for a short period of time before its fully cleared out of the […]

Can you “overdose” by adding too much Oxytane?

No, although it is advisable to stick to our guidelines in order to not needlessly waste money on excess Oxytane. The mixing ratio is 5000:1 (Fuel to Oxytane). This means that 10ml of Oxytane will treat 50L of fuel (Approx 1 full tank of fuel on a small or medium sized car). 20ml will treat […]