Do you have a bottle returns programme?

Yes, we currently have a bottle returns programme in an effort to create less plastic waste and reduce the carbon footprint of producing Oxytane. Our bottle returns programme is simple, hassle free and free of charge. Please click here to get more information: Bottle Returns Programme

What bottle sizes do you sell?

We currently sell the following bottles sizes for retail: 10ml, 20ml, 50ml, 250ml & 1L. We also supply Oxytane in 60L drums and tankers for heavy industrial use or for marine ships and diesel locomotives. If you wish to buy Oxytane for Industrial use please contact us over at Oxytane International. <a class=”button” href=””>Oxytane International</a>

Can I use Oxytane on any engine?

Yes, Oxytane can be used with any engine that uses hydrocarbon fuel types (i.e Diesel, Petrol, Bio-fuels) via a combustion system regardless of the engines size or type. This includes Hybrid cars (part combustion engine, part electric engine) as it would benefit the combustion cycle.

I noticed that the noise and vibration in my car decreased – is this normal?

Yes, this is normal and one of the additional benefits of using Oxytane in any engine. Since any fuel contaminants are expelled when using Oxytane (mico air particles and water vapour) there will be less cavitation as the fuel delivered to the combustion chamber is denser. Also since Oxytane add lubricity to the fuel it […]

I just started using Oxytane and I am yet to notice the fuel savings?

There are 2 ways in which to you can measure fuel saving: 1. If you drive a more modern vehicle the onboard computer will report its expected milage based on your current driving style in realtime on your dashboard. In some instances, we have measured these rates to be fairly accurate but in others the […]

I used Oxytane and my check engine light came on?

This is very rare but it has been reported in the past. There are countless reasons why the check engine light might pop on that could be unrelated to the use of Oxytane. This engine light is an important part of your vehicle’s on-board diagnostic system. Your car’s computer will illuminate the warning whenever it […]

Where can I find out about other customers experiences?

We have many testimonials and industry test reports available over at <a href=”” class=”button”>Visit Oxytane International</a> If you have used Oxytane and wish to leave us a review please feel free to drop a review on our product listings here at

What happens if I stop using Oxytane?

Your vehicle will still have some residual benefits from using Oxytane for a short time after. However, these benefits will quickly decline as the engine begins to carbon up again when using an inferior fuel without the Oxytane treatment.

I would like to become a stockist or sales representative of the product?

Yes, if you would like to support and spread the word on our emissions busting fuel saving solution – Oxytane, whilst earn some money for your marketing work. Please sign-up to our affiliate marketing platform and join our ambassador programme: <a href=”” class=”button”>Affiliate Marketers</a> <a href=”” class=”button”>Ambassador Programme</a>

I’m experiencing issues with an order or my account?

The fastest way to deal with an order issue is to contact our customer services department via the order enquiry form via the “My Account” area: <a class=”button” href=””>Order Enquiry</a> If your enquiry requires immediate attention i.e., the order has just been placed but has not yet been shipped – you can call us on […]

What do I do if someone has spilled Oxytane on their skin or eyes?

Wash thoroughly with warm soapy water if Oxytane is accidently spilled on Skin. If Oxytane gets in yours or someones eyes, flush eye/s immediately with clean, lukewarm tap water thoroughly using one of these methods. Get into the shower and aim a gentle stream of water on your forehead over your affected eye. Or direct […]

What do I do if someone has accidently drunk Oxytane?

Please seek emergency medical advice immediately. Oxytane is highly toxic and there is risk of serious damage to organs if not treated immediately. It is important to establish how much Oxytane has been consumed. The emergency services will need to know this information and the chemicals / hazards so keep the bottle with you if […]

How long will it take to arrive if I order online?

We dispatch all orders placed before 3pm on the same business day. Orders placed on Weekends and bank holidays are shipped the following business day. If you are based in the UK please expect to recieve your order in 1-2 business days from dispatch. The timeframe for recieving international orders varies. In the EU it […]

Can I / how do I return an order?

Under UK consumer protection laws – you are protected by “Online and distance selling regulations”. Under these regulations you have following rights: The right to cancel within 14 days of purchase. Refund after cancellation within 14 days of purchase. Replacements for unused and unaltered faulty items within 6 months of purchase. Full refund for items […]

Do you follow GDPR?

Yes, we are GDPR complaint. We do not send unsolicited emails and do not withhold personal data without our customers permission. Further to this, customers can completely delete their account, order histories and personal data at the click of a button should they desire to do so. We do not share any customer data with […]

Is this website secure?

Yes, the website has full end-to-end encryption via an SSL encryption certificate. We also use a secure third-party payment gateway for processing online card payments. Your card information will never be stored by us! It is handled by a highly secure financial services provider. Further to this our payment partners offer full buyer protections and […]