There are 2 ways in which to you can measure fuel saving:

1. If you drive a more modern vehicle the onboard computer will report its expected milage based on your current driving style in realtime on your dashboard. In some instances, we have measured these rates to be fairly accurate but in others the additional milage from the use of Oxytane is not being calculated and displayed. This is due to the on-board computer not being able to detect any changes which go above and beyond the manufactures original calibrations which are based upon using standard untreated fuels.

2. With the above taken into consideration we always recommend that users calculate the fuel savings themselves by using the mileometer built into the vehicle. The mileometer will present the number of miles travelled – so we recommend you set this to zero when you have filled up your tank and added Oxytane. Then compare the result to a full tank before using Oxytane to see the difference. Since Oxytane does leave some residule positive effects after even just one use we recommend that you run a full tank without Oxytane first – record the total milage and then run it with Oxytane after.

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