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The ground breaking product for reducing emissions is now in your hands!

There is a major environmental and public health concern. Toxic exhaust emissions from all types of vehicles that burn fuels pollute our air – which over 8 million people die from globally every year!

But… there is another solution that is here and ready to use right now!

Oxytane is the fuel saving, toxic emissions busting fuel treatment that works on any engine and with any fuel type including Diesel, Petrol and Biofuels.

Why not join the thousands of people using Oxytane today and save money, whilst having peace of mind in reducing the environmental impact?

Jeremy Clarkson’s 2007 Lamborghini Gallardo

A VOSA approved rolling road test was carried out on Jeremy’s Lamborghini Gallardo with Oxytane.

The results measure the increases in power / torque and reductions in exhaust emissions on an already powerful tuned engine. This test confirms the results before and after and was undertaken at a UK facility.

How Oxytane Removes Air Contamination From Fuel

In this video we visually demonstrate exactly what Oxytane® does inside an engine’s fuel system and its intrinsic air release properties that lead to a denser, cleaner fuel burn inside any petrol or diesel engine.

The video is split into 2 parts. Part 1 is a fuel tank return simulation in the lab – part 2 is a view of a fuel tank on a Scania truck with the cap removed, so that you can see the rapid release of air bubbles from the fuel the second Oxytane® is intoduced into the system.